Working Together

Code of Ethics

A Code of Ethics guides my professional conduct. I will serve you with integrity, competence and objectivity. When I recommend products and services, it will be with your interests in mind. I will keep your information confidential, and I will not disclose it without your specific permission.

How do we get started? Our first step in working together is a short phone consultation, where I learn and understand your organizing challenges and suggest how we can approach them together. This is followed by an appointment for a working session, where we make a plan and get started right away if you like. I can take the lead in organizing if you prefer, or I can be your coach, helping you set goals for accomplishing the work on your own between visits.

See below for answers to some common questions. Ready to get started? Contact me here.

What areas do you serve?

A Method for Your Madness primarily serves clients within an hour’s travel time of its location in the northwest Bronx. This includes all of New York City, much of Westchester County, Rockland County, western Long Island, and northern New Jersey, and some of Connecticut. If you’re outside that area, let’s talk about it.

What are your rates?

Services are priced by the hour. We establish the hourly rate in our initial phone consultation, along with any minimums and or other conditions.

What about expenses?

Direct expenses of service are billed separately, and include parking and other transportation charges and purchases made by me on your behalf. These are included in your daily total.

How do I pay?

Payment is requested at the end of each day of service. I accept checks and cash; sorry, no credit cards at this time! Let me know if you need a receipt.

What if I have to cancel?

Just call me up as soon as you know you have to cancel, so that we can reschedule for a more convenient time. I will work with you as much as possible, but if you cancel at the last minute (or with less than 48 hours notice), I may request payment for up to two hours of time.

What about large jobs?

Once we have our initial phone consultation, I’ll be pleased to give you an estimate of the number of days of work at agreed-upon hours and rates, and to schedule the times you want to work together. If you must reserve a large block of time, I may ask for a retainer.

What about phone consultations?

I am pleased to schedule phone consultations to give you organizing advice, at the same hourly rate that applies to on-site work. Note that there is no charge for the initial phone conference (which should last no more than an hour).

Can you find me a mover?

I can research movers, handymen, auction houses, dealers or any other service you need. In some cases, I can recommend firms that I have worked with before and that have given good service to my clients. Assuming you accept my suggestion, you make arrangements directly with them. I can’t negotiate on your behalf, or take responsibility for other firms’ actions or performance.

What about accidents?

A Method For Your Madness, LLC follows a “reasonable care” standard in the performance of its duties. This means that I will be very careful with your personal property but can’t accept legal responsibility for damage to it. In general, any wear and tear in moving or organizing should be covered by your own property insurance.