Maude is a treasure with a unique talent for maximizing space and creating harmony. She was the perfect person to help me with my tiny, cramped office. My desk is a big pine table which takes up most of the little space. Maude created a calm, peaceful place that is a pleasure to spend much of my day in. She also taught me how to keep it this way, and I have done so for almost two years. She did so much more than fix my office, she made a little haven for me.

Susie, Connecticut

I don't know what I would have done without Maude Brickner - she is simply the best! Incredibly efficient, thorough and a wonderful calming influence to have nearby when going through an international relocation. She helped with everything from setting up our utilities while we were still overseas, to researching the most cost effective telephone, cable and internet access options. Once we were more settled she advised how to make the most of our Manhattan space and where to go for economical or elegant storage solutions as the rooms required!

Melissa and Jon, Manhattan Artist and Banker Relocated from London and Paris

Maude turned my life around. Not only did she help me organize my office (and give me license to throw things away that had been piling up for 15 years!), but she also gave me a strategy for maintaining that organization, something I have never before been able to do on my own.

Deborah, Psychotherapist, Riverdale

Maude freed up a tremendous amount of space in a small apartment. By helping me to separate things I use daily from seasonal ones, she made my daily life easier. I have room I never thought possible and am now organized beyond my wildest dreams. Her spatial understanding shows creativity and brilliance.

Jon, Businessman, Manhattan

Maude saved the day when we moved last spring by stepping in to unpack and organize our kitchen. We needed to move apartments while both of us worked full-time (and took care of two kids). So we needed everything up and running instantly. We hired Maude to transform our kitchen from a heap of boxes into a fully working kitchen in a day. She did it! She put everything exactly where it should go. We never wondered where something was because it was always just where you would think it should be. It made the whole move so much easier. We certainly would use her again.

Deborah, Professor, Greenwich Village

It was like magic - all of the stuff we had been avoiding dealing with for months fell neatly into place in the period of a few quick hours. Maude possesses a sort of X-ray vision for how a room ought to be organized, and once all the books and papers, personal articles and miscellaneous treasures each found its proper location under her hands, we were left asking ourselves, 'Why didn't think we think of this?' It is the touch of the professional that makes a hard job look easy, and Maude is a pro!

Eric and Cheryl, Amherst, Mass

Maude made order out of chaos in my attic, garage, basement, and office. We've lived in our house for 35 years and have accumulated VAST amounts of stuff. She helped us to filter out items to be sold, donated, dumped, and those to be forcibly returned to our adult children. She did the selling, delivery to the Salvation Army and discarding into trash bags. She pointed the way to orderly living which I am hoping to master some rosy time in the future.

Alice, Illustrator, Riverdale

You know those piles of stuff you have all around your home? Those piles you don't even notice any more because they have somehow become part of the scenery? Maude helped us to sift through our piles and considerably lightened our load. Moving through the physical obstacles somehow also helped remove the psychological ones. It was a combination of fun and therapy. We could never have done it without her and only wish we hadn't waited so long! Maude's compassion, integrity and stick-to-it determination make it happen. She's like a personal trainer for your junk!

Beth, Real Estate Executive, Dobbs Ferry

A Method for Your Madness is 'Mission Organization' and more. It's not just sort and simplify. It's how to let go of that old stuff and feel relieved you did. Maude will guide you through the steps of organizing your space, provide useful suggestions for maintenance and, most importantly, give you that extra nudge to toss when there is no point in keeping something. Overwhelming projects are tackled with persistence and energy. The results are uplifting and highly satisfying! We had a whole new room! Maude was a professional in every sense of the word, and the right person to help me with such a personal project.

Hazel, Dobbs Ferry

Sylvia Cynthia Stout / wouldn’t take the garbage out/ buried under smelly trout / 911 refused her shout/ only Maude could dig her out / It befuddles your thought / The mess you have wrought/ you have fought and fought / It seems for naught / Enter now the mighty Maude / madness you say/ method no way / I tell you, nay / call Maude today!

Joel, Rockland County

Although with 25+ years of office management experience I have the right stuff for being organized, what I lacked was motivation. With Maude as The Motivator, we picked up piles and piles of clutter and started sorting, stacking, filing, tossing. She made me find a home for everything. The quality of my life is much improved. I awoke the morning after to a much neater, cleaner home. I felt so much better emotionally. This was like therapy, only less expensive and with immediately tangible results. I may even call her once or twice a year - just for a tune up!

Claudette, Manhattan