Personal Organization

PaperworkStaying organized in life is complicated. People are challenged in different ways by different things: for some, it’s time management that is the problem; for others, it’s the kids’ homework, or the family finances, or the mess that always seems to be in the living room.

Advice abounds: But how to follow it? If organizing advice doesn’t quite do the job for you, I offer an efficient personal approach that gets you where you want to go in a practical way: the bills, the homework, the coats, meals, the household routine. This approach includes:

  • Organizing Advice (suggesting practical ways to cope with specific challenges)
  • Planning (helping you make a plan for getting yourself organized)
  • Motivation (helping you stay on track or get back on track)
  • Paperwork (organizing and tracking paperwork, such as tax records)

Often I find that people feel bad about their organizational difficulties, and believe that this reflects badly on them personally. My view is:  “should” is a bad word that should be spelled with four letters!  My individual approach encourages you to accept and forgive yourself, turning your focus to addressing organizational challenges in a practical way, one step at a time.

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Organize Your Time

The key to personal organization is time, and the key to finding more time is setting up routines that that work for you. I start by taking time to understand who you are:  how you think, your geography, your style. Then we can work together to:

  • set manageable goals for you
  • break down your work into daily tasks and steps
  • develop routines and schedules that work naturally for you
  • motivate you to keep up with the plan

I provide the advice on organizing your time. Enjoying the time you free up is up to you!

Organize your Paperwork

Sometimes people struggle with organizing their lives just because handling the paperwork seems overwhelming. I help people with everything from handling mail to tracking insurance claims to organizing tax documentation each year. I help people get and stay organized with simple rules and systems for:

  • sorting and paying bills on time (whether by check or online)
  • keeping and filing only the receipts that are necessary
  • creating and tracking simple budgets
  • getting ready for tax time – all year long

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Organize your Household

Clutter in daily life comes from the challenges of day-to-day living. Mail and papers lying about often mean that there’s no system in place for handling them. Unfiled recipes may point to meal planning challenges. Tripping over sports equipment may mean the kids aren’t in tune with the way that you store it.

I address household organization by understanding you and your family and providing simple, efficient ways to help you keep up day to day. Sometimes, this involves simple physical solutions (for you, the best answer to having coats left in on the living room floor may be a coat hook by the door). Or it could involve new approaches to daily living: sorting out junk mail as soon as you get it, for instance, or filing recipes into a loose-leaf cookbook.