Organize Your Cooking

Chopping BoardOrganized cooking is as important as an organized kitchen: it goes faster, and and is less stressful. Here are two basics for streamlining meals.

First, do what chefs do: set up a prep station around the food processor or cutting board and have your tools ready to hand before you start cooking. Use bowls to hold chopped and measured ingredients such as chopped herbs, chopped onions, spice mixes, and lemon juice. Mix and measure spices up front.

Second, keep your workspace clean while you cook. Prepare food next to the sink if you can, so that you can sweep crumbs and spilled food into the sink in a quick motion (keep bar towels around for this rough cleanup work). Clear the prep area of empty bowls and containers of ingredients as you empty them. Rinse your knives as you go, so that you can use them for the next task. Use cooking or simmering periods to wash dishes.

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