A Kitchen is a Workshop

Here’s how to think about organizing your kitchen: arrange everything around zones with a specific purpose.

The heart of your kitchen is the primary prep area: usually, a counter near a sink. Keep your knives, cutting boards, prep bowls, mixing bowls, measuring cups, lemon squeezers, and other tools close to that counter.  Also your spices. And towels to mop up spills and sweep away messes.

Store pots and pans near the cooktop. A shelf over the stove is an excellent way to keep large pots and casseroles handy. Keep a container of wooden spoons, spatulas, whisks, strainers on the counter near the stove, so you can grab them when you need them. Also keep salt and pepper, and maybe a few other spices that you add when you’re cooking. And don’t forget the potholders.¬†Baking dishes, roasting pans, and tools go near the oven.

Keep serving dishes in a cabinet near the counter that you use as a staging area for completed dishes. This is also where you should keep your slow cooker, your rice cooker, your coffeemaker, and your electric skillet. Serving spoons, salt and pepper, corkscrews, water pitchers, should be nearby, so that they can all be moved to the table together.

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